An iPhone 6 Explodes In The Bed Of An 11-Year-Old Girl

An iPhone 6 Explodes In The Bed Of An 11-Year-Old Girl

The failure could be due to the use of a charger that was not original to Apple The American television 23ABC has echoed the story of Kayla Ramos, an 11-year-old girl who was close to suffering serious damage due to the explosion of her iPhone 6. The young woman was using her mobile device when she says, she began to throw sparks to end up exploding.

“I was sitting, I had my phone in my hand and then I saw sparks everywhere and I threw it on a blanket … It was right here in the bed and the phone managed to burn it to make these holes”, remembered the young woman in the North American channel.

As a result of the explosion, the bed, as well as part of Ramos’ room, caught fire. The family, meanwhile, did not waste time and contact Apple to inform them about what happened.

The technology company did not waste time and started an investigation. At the same time, he sent the girl a mobile phone to replace her missing iPhone 6.

The company also wanted to let the family know that it is important that their mobile devices have original chargers. Since, otherwise, this type of accident can be habitual due to overheating.

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