Apple Surrenders To Qualcomm Before Starting The Mega-Trial

Apple Surrenders To Qualcomm Before Starting The Mega-Trial

The battle between Apple and Qualcomm seems to have ended with an out-of-court settlement that includes the payment of a license by Apple This week was scheduled the start of one of the largest lawsuits on technology patents in recent years (or decades). The fight between Apple and Qualcomm had long been fracas with mutual accusations as if it were a boxing match.

But within hours of the start, Apple has decided to surrender and reach an agreement with Qualcomm to avoid a trial that increasingly painted more black for them.

The patent lawsuits between Apple and the rest of the technology industry are quite common

Several billion dollars were played in a cross-claim that took about two years in the lawyers’ offices and on the front pages of the technological media. Patent infringement, payment of rights and even IP theft. Neither party had noticed accusations against the other.

That’s why he’s so surprised that after tightening the string, Apple preferred to pay before going to trial. And even more a few hours after the start of it. The figure has not been disclosed but it will certainly have several zeros talking in millions of dollars.

The failure of Intel in the development of 5G chips has forced Apple to reconcile with Qualcomm

Additionally, it seems that Apple has signed an agreement for the license to use several six-year Qualcomm chips. News that has fallen very well in Qualcomm that has risen in the stock market more than 20%. For its part, Apple has not made any official comment.

Of course, it can also have a lot to do with the fact that Apple’s search for alternative 5G chip suppliers – read Intel – was not working. Although eye, that the rumors assure that the own Apple has created an own department to develop its own exclusive chips. Of course, this can still take several years to become a reality.

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