Apple Suspends The Program By Which Third Parties Listened To Your Conversations With Siri

Apple Suspends The Program By Which Third Parties Listened To Your Conversations With Siri

Apple company workers acknowledged in statements to “The Guardian” that they had come to hear conversations about sex or drugs Last month the news jumped that Google, through its smart speaker Google Home, transfers part of the users’ conversations to a human team responsible for improving their artificial intelligence. A practice also carried out by other companies, such as Amazon or Apple. Well, now the signature of the bitten apple has decided to suspend its internal program on quality control, designed to develop Siri.

“We are committed to offering a great Siri experience while protecting user privacy,” said Apple through a statement echoed by ” Bloomberg .” The technology company wants to give the news to the folder like the one published by ” The Guardian ” last week, in which several employees aimed at improving Siri’s commands said they had come to listen to users practicing sex, selling drugs or talking about private medical information.

“There have been countless cases of recordings on private topics between doctors and patients, businesses, seemingly criminal businesses, sexual encounters, etc. These recordings are accompanied by using data that show the location, contact data and application data, ”a company worker told The Guardian.

From Apple, they claim that they will carry out an exhaustive review of their artificial intelligence. To that end, they will suspend the rating of Siri globally. From the technology explains, in turn, that “as part of a future iOS software update, users will have the possibility to choose to participate in the rating.”

According to the company of the bitten apple, the number of conversations that reach its human team is only 0.1 percent of the total recorded. Something below the 0.2 that Google recognizes. Amazon, meanwhile, uses the same type of quality control program to develop Alexa, the artificial intelligence of its Amazon Echo speaker.

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