Bitcoin Is Running Out Only 15% Left

Bitcoin Is Running Out Only 15% Left

The 21 million Bitcoins that can be mined are running out, which is expected to end up being mined in May 2020 The famous virtual currency Bitcoin is running out. This week, 85% of the 21 million “currencies” available to Bitcoin have been undermined, as devised by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is generated thanks to mining, in which it is referred to as computers that certify with complicated mathematical problems that coins are transferred and not copied.

3 million Bitcoin left to undermine

Reviewing several of the websites that are dedicated to showing the real-time information of Bitcoin, we can see that the figure of 17,850,000 bitcoin mined of the 21 million available by design has already been exceeded.

This means that soon everything that could be undermined will already be allocated and there will only be room for compensation using virtual currencies in circulation, not generated “out of nowhere.”

That there are 21 million coins is something that has been decided since the creation of Bitcoin and it is impossible to increase that figure.

Bitcoin Is Running Out Only 15% Left

There is no reason to panic, the computers and the processing power of the miners are still needed to check the transfers, so there is still business for the companies and individuals who perform these calculations.

The reason that it is finite is that by imposing a limit of availability on the currency, it would otherwise be devalued by having an unlimited supply.

Although the price of Bitcoin is extremely volatile, in recent weeks it remains relatively stable at $ 10,000 at the exchange rate.

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