Galaxy Watch Active 2 The Watch With Which Samsung Intends To Inseat Apple’s Smartwatch

Galaxy Watch Active 2 The Watch With Which Samsung Intends To Inseat Apple's Smartwatch

The technology has not yet revealed the launch date or the price of this new device The Korean company Samsung is working on a new “smartwatch” that promises to make things difficult for Apple in the future. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, as the technology has decided to call their new smartwatch according to the filtration of «Android Headlines», will offer features such as the ECG, an application designed to control the heart rate, as well as a fall detector.

This indicates a change of concept on the part of Samsung. And is that the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 would be, above all, focused on the control of health. Something for which already highlighted the “smartwatch” of the signature of the bitten apple.

Its minimalist and the circular dial design is reminiscent of its predecessor: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. This is not strange since this model was launched a few months ago, in February. According to rumors, the new version will hit the market with two different models. These will be differentiated by their size. Also, according to the technology portal, there will be LTE and WiFi devices.

At the moment, both the release date and the price of the new Korean smartwatch are unknown. However, from ” Android Headlines ” indicate that this could reach the stores at the same time as the new “smartphone” of the firm: the Galaxy Note 10.

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