Game Boy The Nintendo Laptop That Revolutionized The World Of Video Games

Game Boy The Nintendo Laptop That Revolutionized The World Of Video Games

The pocket console of the Kyoto firm celebrates its 30th anniversary this year Who knows if Nintendo understood 30 years ago, when it launched the Game Boy, what the laptop would mean for the history of video games. So much later, the console of the Kyoto firm is still very present. And it is still one of the favorite systems of the usual players. Of those who had the opportunity to enjoy it thanks to titles such as ” Super Mario Land “, ” Zelda: Link’s Awakening “, ” Kirby’s Dream Land ” or ” Donkey Kong “. Of those who preferred to spend all the pay on AA batteries, which the system devoured in less than 15 hours, rather than giving up the pure fun offered by the console.

As usual, until recently, Game Boy was launched in Japan somewhat earlier than in the rest of the world. The date chosen was April 21, 1989. However, in Spain, as well as in the rest of Europe, it waited until the end of 1990. Nintendo had placed high hopes on its small laptop. And the truth is that much of the blame for the success of the system was the game chosen by those in Kyoto to accompany her on arrival at the stores: the ” Tetris .” The game developed by the Russian computer engineer Alekséi Pázhitnov became a phenomenon that still remains today.

To get the license of this title, Nintendo had to fight intensely with Atari, which also had a portable system. His system, the Atari Lynx, also began commercialization in 1989 and became the main rival of Game Boy until Sega joined the fever of pocket consoles with his Game Gear a year later.

Possibly, if we put aside the rich catalog with which the Kyoto company endowed it, the main positive point of Game Boy was its resistance. Much (much) more than the competition systems. This is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that Nintendo exhibited a Game Boy in a 2017 exhibition that had suffered the effects of a bombing during the Gulf War. The system, which had the front completely melted and scorched, continued to function as if time had not passed.

As regards its technical section, the pocket console had an 8-bit CPU; also mounted an LCD screen that, at times, did not allow the game to be as visible as it should. Especially when the AA batteries were in the last. Its dimensions were perfect to take the console anywhere, although Nintendo already worried at the time of taking out official briefcases that would allow it to be transported more comfortably.

The “Pocket” and the “Color”

The truth is that the system caló between users with ease. But the Japanese technology did not fall asleep on the laurels and was launching a new revision of the system every so often. Thus came in 1996 the Game Boy Pocket, a device that had a size smaller than the original, which made it more manageable. It was also sold in different colors, among which were green, blue, yellow or red.

The review did not enjoy the same success as its predecessor. It also had a lower autonomy, which in this case Nintendo places in 10 hours. It was not necessary to wait too long so that its substitute arrived at the stores around the world. By 1998, Game Boy Color made its entry into the scene.

The main feature of this was that he was able to run the games in color. The black and white image characteristic of his older sister has left aside. It was accompanied in time by two of the most characteristic games in the history of laptops, the ” Blue Pokemon ” and the ” Red Pokemon .” The first deliveries of a franchise that still has the support of millions of video game fans around the world.

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