Gmail Activates The Emails Programmed To Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary

Gmail Activates The Emails Programmed To Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary

New features in Gmail as phrases autocomplete or schedule shipments on the 15th anniversary of the service On April 1, 2004, Google changed the internet forever by offering an email service with 1GB of space when normally Hotmail or Yahoo offered a few megabytes. Now, 15 years later and sinking all the competition, offers news.

Although initially thought to be a joke by April Fool’s, the day of the innocent in Anglo-Saxon countries like the United States, Google was very serious. Mail service with a gig of space.

It will go down in history the way in which it was handled with invitations because everyone wanted to have an account and forget about the typical.

15 years later, Gmail is the most used mail service in the world and for the most part of its history, it was a great way to learn about data to show Google advertising. Coinciding with this birthday, Google offers news to all its users, the same week that closes Inbox and

Button to schedule emails

To start with news on your 15th birthday, Gmail offers the possibility to send emails later, leaving it scheduled when you want it sent to the point of the day and time.

The blue Send button now has a menu that allows you to select the date on which you want it to be sent. Gmail will save the email in a draft and send it automatically on the date you indicate.

This is one of the features that may not be the most requested by its users, but can be more practical when handling a lot of emails or send it in different time zones.

This function is available in both the web version and Android. Ios will still take, Google has not marked a date.

‘Smart compose’ now works in Spanish

This is a function that was available in English and that has liked a lot among users who repeat many answers. Smart compose allows you to complete phrases in your emails as Gmail learns from your emails.

It works both in the body and in the mail title, you just have to start typing and you will see in gray what Google thinks you want to say. Is it correct, just press space and you will have the written phrase.

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