How To Play The Mythical Snake Game In Google Maps

How To Play The Mythical Snake Game In Google Maps

The internet giant allows us to play Snake and we explain the steps to follow Those who are already some years old will remember one of the most addictive and remembered mobile games. And then, mobile phones connected to the internet, smartphones, had not yet appeared; It was the snake game or Snake that made a rage among the owners of some models of the Finnish brand Nokia.

A simple but fun pastime that consisted in directing a snake avoiding that it hit the walls. Well that same dynamic, which has been maintained in many games for more than twenty years, can be played even from the cartographic service Google Maps.

On the occasion of April’s Fools, the day of the innocents in the Anglo-Saxon culture, the internet giant allows you to play the snake from Google Maps, both from its version for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and its version for desktop web browsers. through iconic capitals of the world (London, Cairo, San Francisco …) or all over the world.

The steps to follow to play Snake are simple. First of all, you have to have the application updated. From the menu of functions in the upper left will appear an option called «Play the snake», although in reality, or rather, it is a train instead of a snake. If it does not appear, it is recommended to close and reopen the application.

Then, you have to choose the destination of the map from where to play (no, there is no Spanish city) and click on the “Start” button. The objective is to remember as many passengers as possible, but it is important to remember that the game will end in case of leaving the established map or colliding with the last car.

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