How to prevent data loss

How to prevent data loss

During the last years, the value of the information handled by companies and professionals has taken on great importance. The volumes of data that can be accessed and operated today are much larger than those available a few years ago.

Access to data is done through different devices, but computers are the main tool used to manipulate and manage them. For this reason, it is increasingly important to keep the computer and its components in an optimum state of functioning.

Nowadays there are different precautionary measures that help to avoid the loss of data. The storage of files in the cloud allows access to stored information from any place or device and is a good option to have a backup of sensitive data. However, one of the most recommendable measures is backup or backup, since it makes a copy of the original data and can recover the system and restore files, thus avoiding the loss of information for the salvagedata website.

Another prevention measure to prevent data loss is Ondata Disk Control, the software that Ondata offers to monitor the state of the hard disk. This program seeks to detect possible failures so that actions can be taken before irreparable damage occurs.

Ondata Disk Control

Ondata Disk Control interface.

Ondata Disk Control

The hard disk can present a series of unpredictable failures produced, most of the time, by overvoltages or bad connections. However, there are a series of predictable failures that are caused by a deterioration of the mechanical parts of the disc. Ondata Disk Control helps detect these predictable failures in order to take corrective measures and prevent irreversible damage.

Ondata Disk Control also helps improve computer performance through maintenance actions, such as defragmenting or deleting unnecessary files. It also incorporates a simple and intuitive interface, so that any user can know the status of your disk. In its corporate version, the program can track more than one PC, allowing the disks of the computers in an office to be monitored from a single device.

ODC disk space

Analysis of disk space.


One of its most useful functions is the fault alert system . Ondata Disk Control tracks parameters such as temperature or bad sectors and sends an alert to the user when the values ​​are outside the optimum range. In this way, the appropriate measures can be taken to solve the problem before an irreparable loss of data occurs.

Ondata Disk Control helps improve disk access times, as it increases the reading speed and as a consequence increases your lifetime. Also with this software, you can quickly search for duplicate files, delete sensitive data and recover those files that were accidentally deleted.

Why risk losing information, when with a single click you can know if your disk has any failure and if you risk losing your data? Ondata Disk Control is the ideal tool to monitor and optimize the disk performance of PCs. Installing this software as a preventive measure will provide you with the necessary information to improve the functioning of your computer and keep your data safe.

ODC Error Report

Report of errors.

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