Microsoft Surface Studio 2, First Impressions Of The Floating Computer

Microsoft Surface Studio 2, First Impressions Of The Floating Computer

The incredible floating touch screen with a digital pen is addictive and manages to enhance the most versatile aspect of digital Microsoft developed the Studio for years as a desktop computer all in one (AIO) and crown the Surface range with it. No doubt the design and versatility of its floating touch screen are the most spectacular it offers. Now we have been able to test it in the clips tap.

The Surface Studio 2 is an all-in-one computer with a 28-inch screen that can be used vertically (traditional model) or tilted almost horizontally (like a lectern) for more creative use.

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a unique computer developed for the most creative users

Technically it integrates an Intel i7 processor with 16/32 GB configurations and 1/2 TB of SSD capacity. Nothing that can not be found in other brands. The difference in Studio 2 is in the how. The zero gravity hinge, the digital pointer, and the wireless dial add the differential keys that make it a unique computer.

With this Surface Studio, Microsoft marks the way forward for other manufacturers who want to differentiate themselves from the clone computers of the Windows environment.

But Studio has a drawback; the price. The 4,100 euros of the most basic models do not or make it easy. And beware that it is not excessively expensive for what it offers, what happens is that it offers things that cost a lot, like for example the multitouch screen of 28 inches.

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