Sony Dreams Of This Shirt With Air Conditioning

Sony Dreams Of This Shirt With Air Conditioning

Through a new micro-tens platform, Sony will be able to manufacture an air conditioner that emits heat and cold inside a shirt Sony has some projects that you would never say would leave this company. One of Sony’s latest crazy ideas is to create a shirt with an air conditioning module called Reon Pocket.

With Reon Pocket, the First Flight crowdfunding platform is released. It is like a kind of Kickstarter or Indiegogo but for Sony products that would not normally go on sale because it does not fall into the category of products with which we associate it, such as televisions, video consoles, audio, videos, mobiles, etc.

Heater and body cooler thanks to the Peltier effect

Sony cannot say that this is a totally original idea. There are already jackets and shirts that have fans to gain a few degrees of freshness in the horrible humid heat of the Japanese summer.

But Reon Pocket is a product that seems much more advanced than a simple fan attached to a shirt, it is very compact and according to Sony, the battery would doubt about two hours of continuous use.

It is able to cool or heat using the so-called Peltier effect, in which heat is emitted or absorbed when a current is passed through a circuit.

This allows it to be used under a t-shirt, directly on an inner white t-shirt and that is concealed quite well.

According to the Reon Pocket project page, for its tests, it is possible to increase the temperature by 8.3 degrees Celsius when it is cold, or reduce up to 13 degrees when it is hot. The temperature can be controlled from a mobile application.

The developers of Reon Pocket asked through the micro-platform to collect up to 66 million yen ( 545,000 euros ) to start the project, but in a couple of days, it has already managed to overcome it and at the time of writing this article they have achieved almost 580,000 euros.

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