The AVE Madrid-Barcelona Will Finally Have Wi-Fi On Board

The AVE Madrid-Barcelona Will Finally Have Wi-Fi On Board

Two years after its presentation in society and first tests, the high-speed trains linking Madrid and Barcelona will have Wi-Fi Presented officially more than two years ago, the project to equip all high-speed trains in Spain with free Wi-Fi for its passengers has finally reached one of its most important lines. There is already free Wi-Fi on the AVE line that links Madrid with Barcelona and vice versa.

As of April 1, the service will be running on 70% of the trains that run along the line linking the two cities. Not in vain is the line with more AVE passengers, with 4.3 million users per year.

And it seemed that the project to provide the three Internet connection had stopped, although Renfe began the service on its front line, which links Seville and Madrid.

Along with the internet connection, you can also take advantage of PlayRenfe, the movie and series platform that you can access even if you do not have an Internet connection.

The AVE Madrid-Barcelona Will Finally Have Wi-Fi On Board

Wi-Fi on AVE’s of up to 20 megabytes (if you do not pay)

Renfe offers two types of Wi-Fi connections in its trains, all limited to consumption. The basic and free that is offered is a maximum consumption of 20 megabytes, which today means a few minutes of browsing the Internet or conversations on WhatsApp if we download videos or photos.

The payment service offers 100 megabytes, a very limited amount that is still insufficient for the reality of today’s internet.

The speed of the Internet on board the AVE is also a point against it. Normally it feeds from the 4G network of Movistar, which is the partner that provides the connection but also adds satellite internet in areas where there is no coverage.

Considering the amount of gigas that the operators offer in their contracts, nowadays the Wi-Fi on board in trains and buses has become a good addition, but less and less necessary.

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