The Popular Chinese Application TikTok Will Launch Its Own Smartphone

The Popular Chinese Application TikTok Will Launch Its Own Smartphone

The release date and the price of the smartphone will still be unknown Finally, the rumors are true. The company behind the TikTok video platform, China’s ByteDance, is trying to develop its own smartphone. This was recognized by the company in a statement echoed by Reuters. The Asian firm will take advantage of the recent purchase of Smartisan technology, which was already working on a mobile phone, to create its first smartphone.

“The product is a continuation of Smartisan’s previous plans, with the aim of meeting the needs of the company’s former user base,” they say from ByteDance. According to the leaks, this new device will have TikTok preinstalled. At the same time, it will have a messaging service, as well as a music streaming service that is currently under development. It should be remembered that Smartisan had previously created a smartphone that stood out for having 1TB of capacity: the Smartisan R1, launched last year with a price exceeding 1,000 euros.

At the moment, the price and the launch date of the terminal are unknown. We only know that the phone has been in development for seven months, so we will have to wait to see how users respond to the future terminal. Despite this, the project is quite reminiscent of other companies’ attempts to get their feet in the world of smartphones. Attempts that eventually ended up becoming a total and absolute failure.

That was the case, for example, of the Facebook Phone. In 2013, Mark Zuckerberg’s company launched a telephone that did not have any feature that differentiated it from the low end of the time. Actually, its main “attraction” was the fact of having Facebook Home, a kind of hybrid between the app and operating system that happened with (much) more pain than glory. This service was also available for all Android smartphones, so it was not even necessary to buy the device of the American company – an HTC First with a different name – in order to use it.

Nor does it play precisely in favor of ByteDance the fact that TikTok has been under investigation for less than a month by the British Parliament due to the lack of control over the data of minors who use it. And it is that the platform allows children to come into contact with adults without the need for parents to give prior authorization. However, that is not the first time that the service is at the center of the controversy.

In February of this year, the United States Federal Trade Commission fined the company with $ 5.7 million for collecting personal data of children under 13. Shortly thereafter, in April, their services were banned in India because, supposedly, the application was being used to share sexually explicit material.

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