This Will Be The PlayStation 5, Confirmed By Sony Itself

This Will Be The PlayStation 5, Confirmed By Sony Itself

PlayStation 5 will be a video game console that will bet on 8K, “ray-tracing”, surround sound and support for virtual reality Microsoft has just launched the new Xbox One S “All Digital” and although it is not really a new video game console, it is the future of video consoles: all digital, without Blu-Ray discs or old DVDs. But not to be outdone, Sony has given some data on how the next generation of PlayStation will be.

The first is the most important, do not expect it in 2019. PlayStation 5 is still in development and its final version will not see the light until 2020.

The new technology that the console will use is actually hardware that is available today, such as its graphics processor. Sony has only given a few details of what to expect from PlayStation 5, but the most important thing is that they definitely go to the 8K resolution.

While 8K televisions are now a minority within a sea of ​​options, in 2020 the Tokyo Olympics will be broadcast in 8K, which is expected to become the beginning of the adoption of this resolution not only in disc reproduction, also in streaming. Sony, as a Japanese company that is, is aimed at 8K, which will give wings to TV manufacturers.

In addition to 8K, it will support the ray-tracing technology, which allows creating scenes of greater realism thanks to dynamic lighting in video games.

PlayStation 5 will use CPU and AMD GPU

To support the most powerful graphics in 8K with ray-tracing, Sony will rely on a graph based on the Radeon Navi family, which AMD made official six months ago.

On its processor bet on AMD Ryzen third generation with eight cores and 7nm.

Another detail that Sony highlights are about sound. While not ensuring that this function is available, they talk about allowing the games to have a surround sound so that players can know the direction of the source of a sound, such as listening to the direction of the footsteps of an enemy.

This Will Be The PlayStation 5, Confirmed By Sony Itself

Virtual reality will continue to be present on PlayStation 5 being compatible with the current PlayStation VR, although they do not confirm whether Sony is developing a second generation of this viewer.

On PS3 and PS4 video games, there is good news, because Sony will make PlayStation 5 backward compatible with games of other versions, which will allow you to enjoy your library of games. In addition, PlayStation 5 will have a disc drive, so it’s not like Xbox that has gone digital.

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