Twitter Launches ‘Twttr’ To Try New Features But Forgets The Edit Button

Twitter Launches 'Twttr' To Try New Features But Forgets The Edit Button

Twitter wants its users to help them try news and comment on what they think, a ‘design by committee’ dictated by the faithful

Twitter has just launched a new application called twttr. It will be the version where they will try all kinds of news in the social network and that for now is in a closed beta phase.

Twitter will try new functions and changes in its design within twttr and the madness has already been unleashed to be able to test it. This application was already shown in January during the last CES, although at that time only employees could prove it.

” Twttr “, which is the original name of the social network, is available for users with iOS, Android and in the web version. From it, you can access all the current Twitter functions, but you will find design changes and new experimental functions. In exchange for accessing the first, users will have to comment on what they think and report problems.

Twitter tries to please its most loyal users, those who are willing to try an experimental application and with data collection of use.

While the social network is still in a campaign of goodwill, for example with the new tone of your main account @ Twitter much more carefree, asking questions to the community and interacting with them.

Twitter continues to be criticized for allowing users to launch hate campaigns or for their lack of action against neo-Nazis and “ultras” that abound on the Internet.

Tweets cannot be edited

Twitter Launches 'Twttr' To Try New Features But Forgets The Edit Button

For now, twttr news is focused on showing elements such as a new design in conversations, responses to Tweets that will be reorganized to be clearer.

In the conversation, the original author of the Tweet and the answers are differentiated by colors. In other tests are shown in other colors, such as green, users who have commented and those who follow.

One of the functions that are expected with great expectation is the ability to edit Tweets, but this is something that Twitter has not yet implemented and that is known, is not testing, although the company’s own managers have commented that they are evaluating it.

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