We Tried Razer Kraken: Versatile And Comfortable Headphones To Compete In Video Games

We Tried Razer Kraken: Versatile And Comfortable Headphones To Compete In Video Games

This model Tournament Edition is very balanced and has a system to customize the sound Green is a special color, but taken to a great intensity suggests certain counterparts. In tones, more fluorine can saturate. Introduced in a technological product like a headset can also be a good choice. And more if you focus on a demanding audience such as a professional or amateur video game player.

Razer, firm specializing in products for “gaming”, is able to play several clubs with its catalog of headphones. One of the most interesting is the Kraken in their Tournament Edition, which falls within a range of mid-range. Circumaural helmets that are versatile and balanced. They stand out, especially for their comfort. They are not very light, but they are very ergonomic and adapt perfectly to the head.

His aesthetic says it all. Although they do not change much compared to their predecessors, they are still well built, this team has its own personality very marked. They are ostentatious, it is true, but they are designed precisely to show off. They feel resistant and robust.

His off-road approach also achieves that despite being oriented to the world of electronic entertainment, it can also be used for music consumption. They come equipped with ear pads with cooling gel, which can keep the ears aerated during long play sessions and also allows blocking external noise, although they do not have a noise cancellation system.

Because it’s sound quality is undoubted; It offers clear and forceful audio, with great support in the low frequencies. It is adjustable by a small keypad, although from a small additional control center can enhance other aspects and manage audio input through the microphone (silencing or activating), which incidentally is hidden by a retractable system that is very useful. It is easily stored when it is not needed. The length of the “minijack” cable of 3.5 millimeters is more than enough (1.3 meters), but sometimes it is missing that it has wireless capabilities.

That additional control is the spearhead of the new THX Spatial Audio. A software that allows a more realistic sound, something fundamental when playing certain games where you do not know very well where the shots go many times. The drawback, however, is that it must be configured through the computer equipment. But the experience improves. All this makes it different from the rest of the competitors. They are compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, but above all for PC computers, which is the environment where more and better can be taken advantage of.

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